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What’s The Difference Between Car Detailing And A Car Wash?

If you are wondering what the difference is between a professional car detailing service or an automatic car wash, then you should read this post.

The phrases “car detailing” and “car wash” should not really be used interchangeably. There are notable differences between having your car detailed, or having it washed. 

The most notable difference between these two services is that one just offers a surface level clean of your cars exterior, as opposed to a detailed clean. Car detailing is also done by a professional, who is experienced and knowledgeable about cleaning both the inside and outside of your vehicle.

The end result can be worlds apart. Typically a car wash is just some foamy soap and water, that gets dirt of the outside of your car. Car detailing can include many things such as exterior clean, wax and polish, vacuuming, and focused cleaning of your cars interior.

Depending on each clients preferences, they can choose what is or is not included in a professional car detailing service. Every driver is different, and the pride they take in their car will vary.

Washing is just one aspect of detailing

Detailing a vehicle involves a lot more than a mere wash. Especially when compared to an automatic wash, detailing will cover more of the finer details on the exterior of your vehicle.

This can include buffing headlights, cleaning and protecting tyres, cleaning wheels and hub caps, attention to detail around windscreen wiper housing, cleaning number plates and number plate protectors, and a lot more. Automatic washing will overlook many of these aspects.

Is The Automatic Cleaning Safe?

The same automatic car wash can clean a wide variety of vehicles, from convertibles to four wheel drives. How safe does this sound for your valued car? Are the spinning brushes going to damage the finish or your vehicle? Is it worth the risk?

Detailing – More experience and care

It is easy to get some shampoo and wash a car. Even your kids can do it. But how effective is a quick clean. The experience and care of a car detailer is so much more than a machine that simply spins a brush around. 

When it comes to car detergents, one product does not suit every vehicle. If you have a prestige vehicle or vintage car, certain detergents may not suit your cars paint.

On the inside of your vehicle, there are very few flat and easy to access surfaces. A detailer will take their time to clean in all the cracks and crevices to remove dust, dirt, grime and everything else. This includes any mess made by children in the back of your vehicle!

You Get What You Pay For

The cost of professional car detailing will vary from a simple car wash. But the difference can be like chalk and cheese. Car detailers take a methodical approach to clean every part of your prized vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out.

Many people spend a lot of time in their vehicles, so keeping them as clean as possible on the inside makes a lot of sense. To find out how we can custom plan a car detailing service for you in Brisbane, simply contact us for a quote today.