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Here Are 7 Untruths About Car Detailing And Caring For A Vehicle

Can I use dishwashing detergent? Wax and polish .. that’s the same right? My car is shiny, it must be clean. Hang on. Read this post for the facts about such things.

We have been working in the car detailing business for many years. During that time we have heard a lot of false statements about car detailing and the services we proudly supply. In an attempt to clarify some false beliefs we are aware of we have listed seven common myths below.

So let’s get straight into it.

Myth 1 – It doesn’t matter when you wash or detail a car

This sounds correct right? But it is not really true. Sure you can actually wash it any time, but the effectiveness of the clean can be affected by different factors.

If you have just been driving your car, or it is a hot day, washing your car will likely leave spots or streaks. This is due to the detergents drying to quickly. Using a mobile car detailer is one way to avoid this from happening.


Myth 2 – Dishwashing detergent is a great option

No matter how many times we mention this, some people don’t seem to want to believe it. Dishwashing detergent is a strong washing option with no regard for paint integrity or care of plastics. 

Another reason not to use dishwashing detergent, is that along with removing dirt, grease and oil, it can also easily remove the polymers there to protect your paint job. Especially on newer vehicles.


Myth 3 – Cleaning and Washing is the Same Thing

Okay, so this one is the one that bothers me professionally the most. A $10 automatic car wash is never going to compare to a detailing service. A detailer will remove stubborn stains and marks. Not to mention cleaning inside the vehicle and all the hard to reach places.


Myth 4 – Polishing is the same as waxing

There is a big difference. Polishing is done to make a cars surface shiny, with a wow factor. Waxing is done to protect the finish of the vehicle and its paint job. This is done through the application of wax, resins, polymers and silicones. Wax is not applied to make a car look shiny or new.


Myth 5 – Waxing can last up to about five years

This classic sales pitch is just a myth, plain and simple. No matter what a wax manufacturer, retailer or car dealer says, lifespan of any vehicle wax will depend on the working conditions of your vehicles. This and the quality of wax are the only things that matter.


Myth 6 – Shiny equals clean

Sorry to tell you, but a shiny car can still be dirty, and your paint job may still be suffering as a result. One way to check a clean is to gently run your hand over the panels. If it is clean, it will be smooth, hopefully like glass. Many cars look shiny, especially after an automatic clean, but will still have a lot of dirt attached.


Myth 7 – You should only clean cars when they are dirty

A lot of people only clean their cars when they are dirty. We understand. Another time might be when some kid scratches “please wash me” on your back window.

If you care for your car, if you have pride in your car, then the best thing to do is make a cleaning schedule. Unwashed cars run the risk of dirt and other material, such as brake dust, from deteriorating the finish of your car. Wax can easily be removed by road dirt, exposing the finish to the element.


We hope this post has been useful for you and educational. As passionate car detailers in Brisbane, we can always provide any fact or info you need, before choosing a car detailer or other options.